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Nurturing Our Children, Ourselves, and Nature

Saturday, October 7th 2017   |   10 am - 3pm   |    468 Rosedale Ave., White Plains, NY

"Children look up to you to learn how to connect to nature and nurture our planet. It's an immense responsibility."

Based on five human natures – emotional, social, multispecies, ecological, and spiritual intelligences – this workshop provides you with tools to help you and children flourish, empower your relationships and communities, and grow resilience and the capacity to care for oneself and others.

The workshop also addresses the disconnection between humans and nature, and provides tools for adults to help children who thrive when they are able to connect to nature and animals.

One Earth Conservation believes that a multigenerational, multicultural, and multispecies milieu is the bright hope for the future of our children, and we provide the learning and tools for adults to bring this to their work, relationships, and programs. Adults and mature teens learn and apply techniques and principles from the Nurture Nature Program of One Earth Conservation, which not only facilitates their own well-being, but also increase their ability to enrich children’s lives and futures. 

During our time together we will:

  • Slow down and connect with each other and the world of nature

  • Experience a multi-media presentation highlighting five natures: Emotional, Social, Multispecies, Ecological, and Spiritual Intelligences

  • Nurture each other with discussion and listening

  • Go deeper with nature meditations (both silent and guided meditations)

  • Enjoy brief outdoor nature experiences

  • Discuss and plan how this learning and experience can be applied to your life and work

  • Assist one another with plans for continued development in this field

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Please reserve your place by purchasing your ticket before October 5th. We are asking for $25 to cover our expenses and effort, and to grow our Nurture Nature Program. As a nonprofit organization, the proceeds all go towards offering this and similar programs to more people in more locations, and to support our conservation efforts in Latin America.

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Rev. Dr. LoraKim Joyner is an inspiring speaker, wildlife veterinarian, Unitarian Universalist minister, and trainer in Nonviolent Communication. She draws on 30 years working in Latin America with marginalized people and endangered wildlife and 20 years working in Unitarian Universalist ministry. She is also an adjunct professor at the Unitarian Universalist seminary, Meadville Lombard Theological School, where she teaches "Multi-species and Ecological Ministry, Theology, and Justice" and "Compassionate Communication." She uses her experiences to address the importance of both human and nonhuman well-being in living a deeply meaningful and vibrant life, as well as caring for self, family, relationships, organizations, and life all around us.

Gail Koelln is President of GK Grant Writing, a grant writing consulting firm established in 2006. She is also the Co-Director, with Rev. Dr. LoraKim Joyner, of One Earth Conservation, a not-for-profit organization. Gail has a Master’s degree in Zoology, a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and a passion for environmental causes. She is a volunteer Climate Leader who trained under former Vice President Al Gore; Co-Chair of the Climate Justice Task Force at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation at Shelter Rock in Manhasset, NY; the former Chair of Gotham Green (a business and social networking group for green businesses in New York); a former Chair of the New York City Sierra Club’s Endangered Species Committee; and a former docent for the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Bronx Zoo.


One Earth Conservation is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that seeks to heal human systems that diminish individual worth and separates humans artificially from the rest of nature in many ways. We affirm that people must be healthy and develop multiple intelligences so all of life, individuals, and human and biotic systems on Earth can flourish.


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