Mangrove tree in Guatemala destroyed by coastal flooding.

Climate change is already having a demonstrable and huge impact on many of the other species with which we share this planet, resulting in large-scale biodiversity loss. When we realize the impact the climate crisis is having on animals and other beings, as well as on fellow humans, we open up not only to the size and importance of the crisis, but also to the possibilities to build a better future.

We have developed methods to support people who are looking for assistance with coping with the impact of the crisis on humankind and other beings and those who are motivated to take action about the climate crisis. When we grow our five intelligences through the Nurture Nature Program (emotional, social, multispecies, ecological and spiritual), we grow ourselves. This in turn allows us to better deal with feelings such as being overwhelmed or in despair, while also giving strength to those who are looking for creative ways to help and who want to take action.


Check the Nurture Nature events listing on the Nurture Nature webpage for upcoming climate-related events.