Host a House Parrot Party


Recently we’re all hearing some really bad news about biodiversity loss and its impact on people and nature (parrots being poached, disappearing bees, polar bears fighting to survive on melting ice, crops and communities devastated by climate change, etc.), and we often feel helpless to do anything about something so big and devastating. Well, One Earth Conservation has something that you can do to make a difference!

First some background. One Earth Conservation held a Parrot Holiday Party in New York City on December 2018. We showed beautiful and meaningful movies and slides, had parrot decorations and great food, and then engaged in a discussion that was inspirational, not only for parrot conservation, but for any of us in our various pursuits, hopes, and contributions.

We would like to continue this celebration by shifting now to Parrot House Parties.  These are small group gatherings of people thinking and learning about parrots and people in the Americas, building community, connection, and compassion so that people feel nurtured and can nurture people and parrots in return. By holding these Parrot House Parties, we plan to get the message out about threatened and endangered parrots and people of the Americas, help people connect to Nature and Life through these stories, and encourage people to resist powerlessness and domination practices throughout our societies by inviting them to help One Earth Conservation's mission through volunteering, donating, and other concrete actions.

We love theme parties, and if you do too and would like to contribute at the same time, we are asking you to host a Parrot House Party that Dr. LoraKim Joyner will co-host with you in your home or organization.  You can have a huge impact by helping us get this project off the ground and organize one of the first events. Parrots the world over are endangered, and as demonstrated by One Earth Conservation’s successes, you can us to help more communities and birds, and have fun doing it!

Please contact us if you are interested and then we will plan together. The guest list will come from you – who do you want on your team to build a better world together? The event will have visually powerful short movies and slides, and then a time for questions and reflections.  Tasty beverages or scrumptious food can also be offered. We imagine that this might be a 90-minute event. Parrot decorations are also a possibility!

Please do not hesitate and contact us soon so we can Parrot Party On!

Contact us at  Thank you for your interest!