More About One Earth's Nurture Nature Program

Invitation Video to Host a Nurture Nature Workshop or Retreat

Introduction to the Nurture Nature Program 

One Earth Conservation's Nurture Nature Program aims to inspire, motivate, educate, and support people to take care of themselves, their organizations, other individuals of all species, and the biotic community as a whole by developing their awareness and understanding of nature, especially human nature as it relates to all of nature. Participants are then able to leverage this awareness and understanding to nurture themselves and others, leading to the growth of more efficient and resilient nurturers (one who nurtures any aspect of the biotic community) and naturers (one who cherishes nature and pursues opportunities to do so) for the benefit of all life.

There are multitudinous facets to human nature, many of which can be intentionally nurtured so as to make individuals and groups greater nurturers and naturers. The NNP emphasizes the following five natural intelligences of human nature:

  • Emotional Intelligence - the ability to identify, assess, and have choice around the emotions of oneself, of others, and of groups.

  • Social Intelligence - the ability to get along well with others, and to get them to cooperate with you for the benefit of the relationship and the greater group. It is also the ability to be curious about the feelings and needs of other and, with a greater awareness of and connection to others, have choice about how to interact for healthy and productive relationships.

  • Multispecies Intelligence - the ability to understand and use emotional intelligence, communication, and behavior across species lines for the mutual benefit of all. It requires understanding species needs, behavior, motivations, and interconnecting relations with others and their habitat.

  • Ecological Intelligence - the ability to recognize the often hidden web of connections between human activity and nature’s systems, and the subtle complexities of their intersections so that we may minimize harm and maximize flourishing for all.

  • Spiritual Intelligence - the ability to transcend individual ego concerns and perspectives by connecting to that which is greater than the self, fostering wisdom, acceptance, compassion, presence, and mindfulness. The previous four intelligences have also been about connecting to something bigger than ourselves and nurturing a greater sense of compassion, so they too contribute to spiritual intelligence.


There is no final arriving, for nurturing and naturing exist along a continuum. No matter where you are or under which circumstances you were born or developed, you can move along the continuum, ever growing your capacity and resilience to be nourished, and to nurture nature. Nurturing Nature is a lifetime practice ever refining and more greatly embodying the understanding that all beings are interconnected to each other in beauty, worth, and well-being. 

Please enjoy below this instructional and inspirational video that gives an overview of our Nurture Nature Program