Nurture Nature

Nurture Nature Events 

Transformative Conservation Conversations

May 9, Saturday, 2:00 p.m. EDT


These are ongoing conversations to support one another in the internal and external transformation that is needed for life to flourish on earth. Conservationists need to change the way we "do" conservation and how we think about it. Everyone can be a conservationist! We will be joining Earth Regenerators for future conversations - Stay tuned for how to connect.

Connecting to Life Even When It is Out to Get You

Recorded Free Webinar

Watch it at Your Leisure

Learn how to connect to nature in both new and old ways, gaining joy and wisdom in this time of social-distancing. Now is the time to intentionally practice "nature nearing" so that as you embrace all that life is, you feel embraced in return.  May it help you deeply have awareness of the beauty that you are, and how you are connected to everything. Through these practices you can love yourself as your neighbors of all species, and bring healing and hope to a troubled earth. 

Now Offering Free Virtual Walks

In person walks postponed due to Covid-19 

We are introducing virtual Wild Walks so that you can affirm your inner beauty which is connected to the beauty all around you and in every living being. You can take these walks by yourself or with friends, and at any time and according to your social distancing needs. Please let us know how you appreciate them so that we can design more, including at the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge and the New York Botantical Garden.


Loving Animal Nature


Join Rev. Dr. LoraKim Joyner for this 6-part webinar series,

which will:

  • Deepen your ability to connect to and love animal nature, especially human nature

  • Promote greater self acceptance

  • Enhance your ability to be nurtured to nurture, even when under stress

  • Grow a better understanding of how you can serve life in all its forms


Parrot Pilgrimage

December 2021

Date to Be Determined

Join Rev. Dr. LoraKim Joyner for a walk around the volcano Maderas on Ometepe Island, Nicaragua. Along the way we will see hundreds of parrots, and through reflection and guidance, grow our commitment to life on this planet, and the beauty within us and all around. This is a time of physical and spiritual health. Join us for yourself, for life!

Nurture Nature Program 

The Nurture Nature Program consists of workshops, online webinars, classes, the Nurture Nature Academy, a book, "Nurturing Discussions and Practices: Nurturing Nature, Yourself, and Relationships," and Nurture Nature Communities. To see our upcoming events, or to learn more about the Nurture Nature program, please find more information below, and check our event calendar. Additional resources can be found here.  Enjoy our free instructional and motivational video below that gives you an overview of our program.

The Nurture Nature program is for anyone who desires a better world for themselves and for others. Deep within we know that something is amiss, and that a more beautiful world is possible, for everyone. By nurturing your emotional, social, multispecies, ecological, and spiritual natures, you will experience greater belonging, beauty, reverence, wholeness, joy, and vitality, and so might your families, communities, and organizations.

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