Recently I was asked during a presentation what the room full of people could do to help nurture the world and support the people and parrots of Latin America. I replied, "The best thing you can do is love yourself and figure out how to nurture yourself. All of us are connected through life, beauty, and needs. Find a way to meet your needs, and you are helping meet the needs of the entire world. Nurture yourself so that you can nurture earth and earth's beings." 
By taking these courses you are nurturing yourself, and the payment we receive helps us with our conservation projects addressing the peril of the people and parrots of Latin America. We can also grow our Nurture Nature Program to serve more people like you.
Thank you!
Rev. Dr. LoraKim Joyner
Our inspiration

We believe that living in sync with the biotic community and having a mindset of understanding and supporting all species, leads to a more fulfilling life and one that contributes to the health and well being of our eco-system. The Nurture Nature Academy was created to offer a framework, tools and the systematic approach you need to introduce small changes into your every day life and to become a part of a nature nurturing community working for a better tomorrow for our planet and all beings on it. We created this online academy to reach a greater audience who could access the material when it was convenient for them. With people spread over several time zones in several countries, we wanted to support as many as we could, as quickly as we could.  There is much at risk in the world, and much beauty to cherish and to protect.  Many of our classes are foundational to building healthy organizations and communities, and are required for facilitators of our Nurture Nature Communities, which come together to support one another and engage in nurturing and naturing practices.

If ever you, others, the earth and earth's being needed this, it is now.

Empowering people

These courses are for anyone who desires a better world for themselves and for others. Deep within we know that something is amiss, and that a more beautiful and just world is possible, for everyone. We know this because we are interconnected in beauty to individuals of all species that have inherent worth and dignity. What we often lack is the support, guidance, skills, and tools to live now with compassion and joy, and to build communities based on the inherent worth and dignity of every being.


By taking these courses you build community through interacting with others, grow your resilience to resist systems of power-over and domination, nurture yourself and others, strengthen your relationships with others of all species, and become more deeply connected to the  nature within and without. Not only will you become more deeply accepting of yourself and others, but you will know how to empower yourself and others to become more effective change agents. We will help you find your calling and bliss - where your deep joy meets the world's great needs.

Connection for all

Our four courses are offered with heart, a lifetime of experience and leadership, and an academic and scientific understanding of reality that prepares you for a life of joy, meaning, and contribution.  Our courses build upon One Earth Conservation's vision of inter-being, and five natural human intelligences:  emotional, social, multispecies, ecological, and spiritual.  You can gain an overview with our free Introduction to Nurturing Nature course (see below) consisting of one video module and continue growing your understanding of inter-being and these intelligences with our free Nurturing Nature for Life course consisting of four video modules. Becoming certified in that second course allows you to facilitate one of our, or your own,  Nurture Nature Community. Delving deeper into emotional and social intelligence, the course Compassionate Communication to Nurture Life, invites you into an extended time of support and practice to grow your ability to connect to others and to life. By choosing the certification version of this course, you will have access to the instructor, Rev. Dr. LoraKim Joyner, and gain hours towards your status as a Certified Trainer in Nonviolent Communication. 

Please take these courses, for yourself, for your loved ones, for your communities, and for earth's future. Your purchase of the paid courses financially supports One Earth Conservation so we can offer services to the people and parrots of Latin America, as well as grow our Nurture Nature Program.  Thank you!"

To see all our courses, please visit our Nurture Nature Academy. Below are some of more recent courses and offers.