Nurture Nature Show

This live show from One Earth Conservation highlights the Rev. Drs. LoraKim Joyner and Meredith Garmon discussing all things animal. They discuss various species, including humans, so that we can see how interconnected are all beings, and hence be able to nurture our own well-being, as well as that of others and the earth.  Each show has a theme, in which they delve deep into behavior, cognitive ethology, communication, physiology, anatomy, and beauty from a multispecies lens. They also share the week's nature/conservation/multispecies news. The show ends with a pause to reflect on the beauty and the tragedy of living on this earth. Join them each Thursday, live, at 4 p.m. on Zoom whenever Dr. LoraKim Joyner in in from the field. They welcome your comments and questions during the show. To join live on Zoom go here and to see past shows, visit our Youtube channel. we highlight a sample show above.