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Our Audacious Plan!


One Earth Conservation's Audacious Plan is to extend our current parrot conservation efforts in the Americas to include the other continents where parrots are found naturally, plus Europe.

As part of this plan, we will launch our "No Cage is Big Enough" project with our partner, Foster Parrots, that will shift attitudes globally to see parrots and wildlife in captivity as unacceptable, hence reducing the market demand for wildlife. This will coincide with the development of One Earth Conservation's Parrot Conservation Corps that recruits paid workers and volunteers around the world to address parrot conservation issues directly through regional and community projects. This Corps serves to decrease the wildlife trade; protect biodiversity; improve animal welfare; and empower local indigenous and other marginalized communities. Overall, our Audacious Plan addresses the core oppressions of domination and inequality that impact marginalized people and wildlife globally.


We will continue to companion and train communities to protect, rescue and liberate their native wild and endangered parrots, which are disappearing due to the illegal wildlife trade. Our process is that of scaling up by scaling down, emphasizing relationships – long term commitments spanning two generations – and assisting individuals, communities, and organizations to further develop their natural human intelligences, including social, emotional, and organizational intelligences, through our Nurture Nature Project. As these plans are further developed, check back here for additional information.

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