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Look Up - the Moon Adores You

Right now or tonight, go or peer outside, and look for the full moon. The super moon we all experienced recently, known as the Cold Moon, happens when the moon is closest to the earth. Known that when you look at the moon, you are looking at yourself, one bright face beholding another.

Why do I say that this is you? Because about 4.5 billion years ago a Mars-size object called Theia slammed into the earth. This Great Impact resulted in an explosive mix of two planetary bodies, and a spinning away of part of the material that became the moon. The moon is of earth, as are you.

Our moon has been credited with making earth what it is today:

1. The tides caused by the pull of the moon on oceans, form tidal pools, out of which first life may have formed.

2. The moon attracts extraterrestrial bodies so they don't slam into earth, killing life.

3. Tidal forces help form our climate by keeping ocean currents of cool and warm water moving.

4. The moon slows down earth's spin, so without the moon, our days would be much shorter, as little as 5 hours long billions of years ago. Wind velocities would also be much higher. The moon also keeps the earth from slowing down too much, and if it did, the earth would wobble and there would be cataclysmic changes to our seasons.

Look up at the moon and be amazed. This wonder will nurture you, as will looking up, which engenders an openness to connecting to life and others.

Look up and give thanks to the moon who has made you and whose same face will always shine upon you. (the moon's orbital and rotational cycle are the same, so we always see just once face of the moon).

The moon, whose face will never turn from you, adores you.

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