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Going to Guyana to Treasure Parrots and People

Cock of the Rock

I visited Guyana with Foster Parrots in 2011 and beheld many wonderful sights. There were species there that I had only heard about, and never thought I would be able to see.

Harpy eagle chick on nest

Ever since that trip the beauty kept beckoning to me over the years, as did the call to be with the people and their parrots. I longed to see how I could partner with them, and in so doing enrich my life by being in relationship with them. I also wondered how I could be in solidarity with their hopes to preserve and cherish their beloved homeland.

Kaieteur Falls in Guyana with a nesting pair of Red and Green macaws flying from their nearby nest

Kaieteur Falls with Red and Green Macaws

So, at last, I am returning, again with Foster Parrots, and with parrot ecologist Michael Schindlinger. We will be there for 3 weeks, meeting with government and private organizations, as well as visiting eco-lodges and Amerindian communities. We seek to learn what roles we might play in the future here, because as I understand it, there is little parrot ecology or conservation work at this time in Guyana. Our goal is to find out how we might serve here, and if there is a way, we will return for a long-term project.

There is very little internet there, but I will post updates when I can on Facebook. Please join us when you are able to for a virtual tour, and with me, celebrate how we can be witnesses to the power and possibility of conservation.

Great Potoo

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