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Our work is difficult, but your support makes a difference!

Updated: Feb 11, 2023

We'd like to share a success story -- made possible by people like you -- about a two-week-old Red-and-Green Macaw in Paraguay. We found her thin and covered in mites. LoraKim and team veterinarians treated her and returned her to her nest. She was improving -- until a cold front came in. Our vets changed from shorts and sandals to wool hats and layers.

When we checked on the chick, she was nearly dead. She was cold to the touch from hypothermia, breathing infrequently. The team quickly removed her from the nest, injected warm fluids, and sped towards the ranch house with her warming up against LoraKim’s bare abdomen.

Once at the ranch, we placed her next to the kitchen wood fire and tended her throughout the night. She revived! Today, she goes by Rojito and is a rowdy juvenile awaiting her chance to fly free once again with her parents and relatives. We are all amazed by and deeply grateful to her colleagues, who lost so much sleep to keep this chick alive.

Our parrot rangers and partners in the field practice conservation with passion, respect and love. We have given so much unexpected effort for one bird, but that's conservation. You show up when you are needed. We now have an active parrot conservation team in the field made up of 4 veterinarians, dedicated to developing a liberation center for the many parrots in Paraguay that need a chance to live outside of a cage.

This is the work your donations support! With your help, we can ensure that more parrots like Rojito fly free. Right now, our volunteer, Pamela, is training Rojito for release. This means teaching Rojito to return to her so that Rojito can practice flying and be able to return to the cage for safety and food. Little by little, Rojito will become a better flier and learn to eat natural foods, as well as hopefully mix with the red-and-green macaws that are there.

Pamela and Rojito!

This is a soft release program that slowly helps guide young birds into their natural environment. However, Pamela needs to stay an extra two months to finish the job, a bit longer than we anticipated.

Can you please help us pay Pamela for her time and provide her with food while in the field?

Above: Rojito, awaiting liberation! Below: More friends we are fighting for every day.

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