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Wild parrots are in danger! It would help them if we remember to ask ourselves, “What would the parrot say?” This book will help you to understand why this is important and all about these beautiful birds. You will also discover some of the ways you and your friends can help wild parrots.

A portion of all money raised by the sale of this book will be used to save endangered parrots in their native countries.

What Would the Parrot Say? is now available in hardcover on Lulu.com (paperback version to come) and will be available soon on other platforms!
For children ages 6 to 12
Have Fun Coloring

Download a picture of a parrot to color by clicking on the yellow crayon below:


Diviértete coloreando

Descargue una imagen de un loro para colorear haciendo clic en el crayón amarillo a continuación:

What you can do to help parrots:
  1. Learn all you can about these wonderful birds! Our fun parrot activity books below can be downloaded to help you do just that.

  2. Tell your family and friends not to keep parrots as pets (if  you already have a pet parrot, please DON'T release your bird).

  3. If someone you know is absolutely determined to have a parrot as a pet, ask them to adopt one from a shelter for pet parrots rather than buy one.

  4. Raise money to donate to charities who work to keep wild parrots from disappearing from the wild.

  5. Think about working as a wildlife conservationist or wildlife veterinarian when you grow up.

Learn more about parrots and what you can do to help them by having fun exploring one of the Parrot Activity books below.
Read About Parrots in Guyana

Download a fun activity book about parrots in Guyana by clicking on the book cover below:


Lea sobre los loros en Guatemala

Descargue un divertido libro de actividades sobre los loros en Guatemala haciendo clic en la portada del libro a continuación:


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Parrots of Guyana Activity Book cover.jpg
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