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One Earth Conservation promotes parrot well-being in the Americas by conducting transformative parrot conservation, taking action to end the wildlife trade, and encouraging in people a strong sense of human connection to all life that results in the well-being of all.


One Earth Conservation’s work is grounded in the acknowledgment of a system of exploitation and domination which harms and oppresses many forms of life. Parrots and the humans they share land with suffer at the intersection of multiple harms which indicate a society in need of restructuring around the following principles:


  • All individuals of all species have inherent worth and dignity. All are connected to each other in worth, beauty and well-being.

  • We are also connected in harm. What is done to one is done to all of us. Villains are in turn victims. None are free until all are free.

  • Humans are adaptable and can change, both individually and as families, organizations, communities, and societies.

  • Humans need each other and other species to grow and heal. We can grow through embracing our belonging to earth and the life upon it. We can nurture nature in return.

"One of our Indigenous partners, after hearing how prolific and harmful the parrot trade is, exclaimed, 'They take what is ours to make it theirs!' It’s time to turn that around and for all of us to instead resist a society based on domination and privilege that hurts everyone. It’s time to say that we will give back what was never ours, to make it for everyone."

- Rev. Dr. LoraKim Joyner

Get to Know Us

One Earth Conservation partners with people all over the world. Read about our staff, Board of Directors, Advisory Board, Conservation Council, and our partners on the ground in the Americas.

Click on the links below to download One Earth Conservation's annual reports. If you'd like to access higher-resolution versions from the past five years, click the link above.

Media Coverage

Economist Article 1-10-19-1.jpg

Februrary 2023 | National Geographic article about One  Earth Conservation's project in La Moskitia, Honduras.

April 2021 | LoraKim Joyner discusses the parrots and people of Central America in Parrots magazine.

March 2021 | LoraKim Joyner is interviewed by Karen Windsor, Executive Director of Foster Parrots, about her novel "Prion" on page 6 of this newsletter.

February 2020 | Gail Koelln's alma mater covers how she founded One Earth Conservation with LoraKim Joyner.


We acknowledge with gratitude the following organizations for providing major support for our work:

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Alfred and Harriet Feinman Foundation

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