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Please consider making a donation of any amount to support our work. For example, a donation of $45 will support, on average, three rescued parrots in one month! Here's what else your support can provide:

  • $10 protects a nest for one day

  • $50 buys medical treatment for some of our sickest parrots

  • $100 buys field supplies for one parrot ranger for one year

  • $500: Sponsors needed training of local conservationists

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You can also mail us a check. Please make out to One Earth Conservation and send to:

Gail Koelln

One Earth Conservation

82-52 211 Street

Hollis Hills, NY 11427

Image by Jairo Alzate



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Parrots Like Rosa

Poachers stole scarlet macaw chick, Rosa, out of her nest in Honduras, causing her massive stress, injuries and pain. She was rescued by a local conservationist and brought to the Rescue and Liberation Center of Mabita, run by local conservationists and One Earth Conservation.​


Rosa was nursed back to health by Anayda, who manages the Rescue Center. She had to be hand carried from branch to feeding platform to porch. Anayda never let Rosa out of her sight. She used her beak for balance and walked with painful, hobbling steps with bowed legs and curled feet. Rosa began to take care of newcomers, welcoming and befriending other broken and traumatized birds who came to the Rescue Center.


With her unique and precious life, Rosa gave us and the other macaws companionship. Sadly, Rosa died in 2016. There was no clinic, no veterinarian, inadequate medicine, and no way to know why she became sick. Our love and care weren’t enough.​When she was once asked why she dedicates her life to caring for parrots, Anayda answered, “Once I saw Rosa, I could not let it happen anymore.” Anayda (pictured above left) continues to give exceptional care to the endangered parrots needing rehabilitation until those that can be are released back into the wild.

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