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Introducing a science fiction, pandemic, apocalyptic thriller
with zombie overtones -
available as both a paperback and e-book

Prion takes us to a post-Covid-19 world in the not-so-distant future, where humans live daily with disease outbreaks and loss of biodiversity, but also with meaning, joy, and hope. The story begins in New Zealand and follows the lives of people and parrots in Australia, Honduras, and the United States. A growing coalition of diverse scientists and conservationists suddenly face a terrifying, new pandemic that threatens the human race. Using cutting-edge technologies, they discover that parrots are the transmitters of the “Zealand Zombie Disease.” In a life-or-death race to find the disease’s cause and cure and survive one of the largest typhoons ever recorded, the core researchers rely on their knowledge and experiences from decades of researching and rescuing parrots to save both parrots and people. Though the future is dim for both species, their cooperation and commitment give new meaning to surviving the hard times of any age.

There are questions for reflection and group discussion available, and merchandise is coming soon.

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Preview of Prion: A dramatic reading of the Prologue
Prion Prologue 2Meredith Garmon and LoraKim Joyner
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