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Nesting-Turquoise-Fronted Female-FB.jpg

Turqouise-fronted Amazon

Amazona aestiva

Biological Information

This species used to be known as the blue-fronted amazon and ranges over many countries in South America. It mostly nests in tree cavities, but also in cliff faces and arboreal termite mounds. Like many amazon species, they roost communally, sometimes mixing with several other species of parrots.

Conservation Status

This species is listed as Near Threatened on the IUCD Redlist.

Countries we work in


Regional Tidbit

This species is known as "Loro Hablador' in Paraguay, which means "parrot talker." They received this nickname because humans want these birds due to their ability to mimic speech.  In Guarani, an Indigenous language and one of two officially recognized in Paraguay, the bird is called Parakáu

News About Amazons

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