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Ara ararauna

Biological Information

This species seems to prefer nesting in swamps and various species of palm trees, but can also nest in forests and the nest cavities of other species. It is theorized that these birds exhibit facial blushing to communicate, as well as using the position of their head feathers.

Conservation Status

This species is listed as Least Concern on the IUCN Redlist.

Countries we work in

Guyana and Suriname

Regional Tidbit

The genus name for this species is derived from ará, which means "macaw" in the Tupi language of Brazil. The word is an "onomatopoeia" (a word associated with a sound made by what is named) and is based on the sound of macaws' calls. In other countries, macaws are called guacamayas (in Mexico and many other places), guaras (Honduras), ara (Suriname) and gua'a (Paraguay). All of these names are Indigenous-based, onomatopoeia words. 

News About Macaws

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