Parrot Conservation Corps

The biodiversity and climate crises compel us each to commit our lives to earth and her beings. This is a fundamental shift from how humans have claimed privilege over other animals. Now is the time for us to recognize that all beings (including, but not limited to, humans) have inherent worth and dignity, and their suffering matters.  By seeing ourselves as interwoven equals among others in the web of life, we heal the wounds caused by our sense of separation from life and become more welcoming to others. Now is the time to let the beauty we are be what we do.


One Earth Conservation invites you on this path of healing and activism by joining our new Parrot Conservation Corps. We emphasize parrots because they are the most endangered group of birds and their fate is connected with humans who love and live with them in homes and habitats. Learning, healing, support, and techniques practiced in the Corps will help you in your own life, and serve as the basis for a community that sings, “We will not let our earth and wildlife go!” This is a chance to do conservation personally and with heart and strength. You can help to save the world from where you are by supporting community conservation where people who live with the parrots are.

Who the Corps is seeking:

  • Anyone concerned with the climate and biodiversity crises who wants to do something about it

  • Beginning or experienced activists and conservationists who want to hone their abilities to be more effective, resilient and joyful. We define a conservationist as those who wish community, understanding, and resilience in a world made mournful with the constant barrage of tragic news and direct experiencing of communal suffering

  • Those seeking a spiritual path that integrates their activism with a deep relationship to self/species/earth. How do we live as if we are not separate from all others?

  • Bird/Parrot lovers

  • Wildlife, nature and animal enthusiasts

What You Will Learn and Experience:

  • Community, support, friendship, camaraderie, connection, and meaning

  • Skills for connecting to and communicating and relating with self, others (of all species), and nature as a whole

  • Growth in five natural intelligences: emotional, social, multispecies, ecological, and spiritual

  • Greater organizational and activist skills such as compassionate communication, resilience, and joy

  • Scientific, social, and multispecies theory and facts behind the climate and biodiversity crises and remedies that address these crises, with an emphasis on the illegal wildlife trade and parrots

  • Guidance as you develop a concrete plan for your healing activism

  • Concrete methodology and experience in parrot conservation

  • Resume building for projects and work, which may be with One Earth Conservation, as our growth means we need more engaged and committed team members

The Program

  • Twelve online live sessions that advance your learning and experience with corresponding mini-assignments, averaging one per month. Sessions will begin in August 2020.

  • Interactive discussion groups on Facebook and Whatsapp

  • Online access to One Earth Conservation materials and resources

  • Two books that supplement the course from One Earth Conservation Publications

  • Personalized interactions with Rev. Dr. LoraKim Joyner during the live sessions, during two individual personal online meetings, and at a conservation field project location (if possible due to the COVID-19 pandemic) for those completing the course and showing commitment and aptitude (Corps members pay their own individual costs of travel, transportation, lodging, and meals)

  • Personalized learning goals and activities to meet the needs of each participant

  • Future letters of reference available upon request tailored to each individual’s experience and commitment

  • A Certificate of Completion

  • Consideration for internships and staff opportunities at One Earth Conservation (when available)

  • An invitation to join the “Parrot Pilgrimage” to Nicaragua in December 2020, which will highlight the learnings of this course and provide field experience in parrot conservation. This is optional.


  1. Complete application and submit it to be received by July 1, 2020.

  2. Upon acceptance make payment of $140 for the entire year. These funds go to support conservation and conservationists in countries throughout the Americas. If this amount provides a hardship, please let us know and we can make some arrangements.

  3. Each participant is invited to formulate an understanding of how to work with other participants with transparency, compassion, and accountability, practicing our natural intelligences, increasing our organizational strength, and gaining skills for inevitable experiences of conflict and loss, and the inescapable beauty that is within us and all around.

  4. Commitment to participate in all 12 sessions, or if you can’t attend live, to listen to the recordings.

  5. Each participant is invited to formulate their own learning goals and plan to practice and achieve skills and awareness