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2024 Bilingual Parrot Conservation Corps

The beings of this planet are in a dire situation. We are losing the beautiful and bountiful ecosystems of earth. Everything must change; therefore, we are committed to changing ourselves, our groups, and our communities one parrot conservation project at a time. The call to do this is urgent and requires courage, knowledge, and compassion. Will you answer the call?

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"The PCC was a beautiful experience, different from the courses I used to take. It provided me with important academic information but I greatly value the contribution on an emotional and spiritual level, knowledge and tools that I consider so important to lead a healthy life that is also reflected in the projects we carry out. These issues are generally not taken into account in training. They managed to integrate everything in perfect harmony."

Daiana Lera

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Unconditional Solidarity and Transformation Through
Parrot Conservation

One Earth Conservation is putting out a call to fortify and expand our Parrot Conservation Corps (PCC). There have now been two cohorts who have completed the one-year-long PCC training, one in English and one in Spanish. To date, we have already grown a cadre of passionate and committed parrot conservationists in the Americas. Now we wish to take this to the next level by expanding our influence outward while encouraging us all to go deeper into ourselves to be the change we wish to be in the world.

Our goal for the bilingual PCC (English and Spanish) in 2024 is to solidify theme and/or regionally centered groups who will be nimble and animated so they can respond to the crisis in which we all find ourselves. We will do this by:

  1. Teaching and reviewing parrot conservation methods, relying heavily on the Human Dimensions of Conservation and the Five Intelligences (emotional, social, multispecies, ecological, spiritual).

  2. Connecting into networks people across the Americas so together we can grow in strength, impact, and multicultural skills. We will do this by inviting teams to form and interact with people of different regions, languages, and cultures. By being with the “different other” we will grow and live out our understanding of Unconditional Solidarity, which will be a focus of the 2024 cohort.

  3. Supporting conservationists through paying moderate stipends, offering leadership and other training, providing networking opportunities, and awarding small grants so that each team can work on a miniproject of their choosing.

  4. Providing a community, a framework, and a foundation upon which the future depends.


This is an evolving adventure, and so we will look to the teams to provide input at the beginning of the 2024 PCC and throughout the entire year. Monthly sessions will be highly interactive as we learn from one another, support each other, and build groups that will continue to work together after the 2024 PCC has ended.

We are looking for courageous and committed people, who can apply as individuals or as a thematic or regional team.  For detailed information about the program and to download the application form, go here. You can also contact us with any questions or ideas you may have.

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