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When Parrots Touch Our Hearts

Santiago Lacuth on his way back from climbing parrot nest trees

While in Mabita, Honduras in May 2016 I interviewed Santiago Lacuth, an indigenous Miskito conservationist (see video below). Along with his wife, Anayda Panting, they manage the Rescue and Liberation Center for parrots. I asked him when was a time that parrots touched his heart, and he replied:

"The macaws suffer so much. The chicks will never fly free, they are only robbed by poachers. They are very sad, and this causes us to feel very sad. The heart of the people of my community is to protect the macaws."

The heart of One Earth Conservation is to also protect the macaws, and Santiago's people. When they suffer, we are sad. Though it is very hard work to stop the poaching, we join them, and together, as Santiago says, "We intend to do this."

We are inspired to do this, because parrots touch our hearts, and as Mary Oliver writes, "So quickly, without a moment's warning, does the miraculous swerve and point to us, demanding that we be its willing servant."

This year we are plan to really expand our presence in this region by taking in even more confiscated parrots, and building a liberation cage that can more quickly move birds into the wild.

Please help us support these people in achieving their dreams of birds flying free and having freedom for the people in their indigenous territory. For as they protect the parrots, they also protect their lands and their way of life.

Anayda Panting on her way back from harvesting her fields, and then on to caring for the parrots!

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