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One Earth Nurturing Nature: Mid-year report in photos

One Earth Conservation

Mid-year Update in Photos

August 2017

Pacific Coast, Guatemala Yellow-naped Amazons

11 nest trees registered, monitored and protected – no nests poached!

(photo of yellow-naped amazon chick in nest in Los Tarrales by Manuel Galindo)

Cuyamel, Honduras Yellow-headed Amazons

8 nests registered monitored and protected – no nests poached!

(first photo of community rangers, military, and project lead Roger Flores, second photo of Roger Flores instructing students - photos by Roger Flores)

La Moskitia, Honduras Scarlet Macaws

36 nests registered, monitored and protected – no nests poached!

(photos of conservationist Pascacio Lacuth checking on a scarlet macaw nests with two chicks!)

Ometepe Island, Nicaragua

8 nests registered, monitored, and protected – one nest poached

(photo of Dr. LoraKim Joyner with biologists and community ranger, and of nest with two chicks)

Concepcion, Paraguay

20 days of monitoring – lots of poaching here!

(photo of 4 of the handful of hyacinth macaws in our monitoring area still flying free, photo of 2 poached chicks for sale in our area – photos by Andres Alvarez)

Nurture Nature Program

Nurture Communities and online Nurture Nature Academy started!

(photo of Jamaica Bay Nurture Nature Retreat and Wild Walk)

Looking Forward to Rest of 2017

Three week conservation trip to Guyana

Population count of yellow-naped amazons in Valle Department, Honduras

Population count of yellow-naped amazons on Island Guanaja, Honduras

Avian medicine and conservation medicine lecture series in Catacamas, Honduras

Community visits Moskitia, Honduras

Islands of Hope Ecotourism and Nurture Nature Retreat, Ometepe Island, Nicaragua

Twelve more Nurture Nature retreats, communities, and presentations

Publication of “Conservation in Time of War”

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