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Learn About the Species We Help

Empowerment and Solidarity

Rev. Dr. LoraKim Joyner responds to the call for support from the peoples and parrots of the Americas due to her thirty-three years working on front-line conservation in marginalized, and often violent, communities in Central America. There she has witnessed the rampant suffering and high death rate of hundreds of thousands of parrots that enter the global illegal wildlife trade annually.


Once distraught at this overwhelming tragedy, and now empowered, Dr. Joyner and other volunteers fight back to nurture nature in its many splendored forms known as parrots. One Earth Conservation and team members seek to Stop the Poaching Now by Liberating Wings, and hence liberating ourselves.


One Earth Conservation grows conservationists of all ages by empowering and standing in solidarity and resistance with the people of the Americas. We have projects in Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Guyana, Paraguay, and Suriname.

One Earth Conservation rises to the challenge of working in the Americas by supporting and nurturing individuals through inner work, and also by directly leading outer work towards nature and other beings. We inspire, motivate, educate, and support people there to take care of themselves, their organizations, wild parrots, and the biological community by developing their awareness and understanding of nature, especially human nature as it relates to all of nature.

Parrot Species

Parrots are the most endangered group of birds in the world, with 31% listed on the International Union for Conservation of Nature's (IUCN) Red List as endangered, threatened, or vulnerable, and even more with known or probable decreasing populations. Although One Earth Conservation's projects focus on specific species of parrots, it is important to note that the work we do with our partners helps to protect all species in our project locations, whether parrots, other birds, or other beings. The primary threats to parrots are trapping and poaching for the legal and illegal wildlife trade, as well as habitat loss.

So much is already known about parrots, yet there is still so much that needs to be studied and discovered. In the parrot species pages on this site you will find a few details about these wonderful birds. Let this be an invitation for you to continue to learn more about them by visiting websites, books and other resources about parrots available online and elsewhere.


We work on the conservation of the Blue and Yellow, Great Green, Hyacinth, Red and Green, and Scarlet Macaws.

Image by Jairo Alzate


We work on the conservation of the Turquoise-Fronted, White-Fronted, Yellow-Crowned, Yellow-Faced, Yellow-Headed, and Yellow-Naped Amazons.

Image by Dieny Portinanni

Sun Parakeets

We work on the conservation Sun Parakeet, also known colloquially as the "Sun Conure."

Image by Waren Brasse


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