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Sun Parakeet

Aratinga solstitialis

Biological Information

Not much is known about wild sun parakeets, although we at One Earth Conservation have been learning through observation that they appear to be cooperative breeders, with many adults and juveniles roosting and raising young in the same nest cavity. They also fly very high and you can hear them from a long way off as their calls echo through the river canyons.

Conservation Status

This species is listed as Endangered on the IUCN Redlist.

Countries we work in

Guyana with growing collaboration in Brazil

Regional Tidbit

Guyana means the "land of many waters" and the region where we work indeed sits at the headwaters of the Amazon river. We partner mostly with the Indigenous Macushi people who revere the sun parakeet, though in the past they heavily trapped this bird.

News About Sun Parakeets

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