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Making Dreams Come True

One of One Earth Conservation's goals is to work with marginalized communities in Latin America, helping people's dreams come true. Our vision is to be in solidarity with them as they preserve and cherish their wildlife, and by witnessing and contributing our presence and resources, we can help make their dream of a more beautiful and just world can come true.

Opportunities to make dreams a reality can be few and far between. That is why we are there. That is also why, in desperation, so many people migrate north in search of jobs, health, and safety. One young man left Honduras in 2004 to make his way to the USA, where after much risk and heartache, he realized his ambition to become a police officer. He also helped make a more wondrous world by becoming the son of One Earth Conservation's Co-director, LoraKim Joyner (who was a Unitarian Universalist minister when she met Yency, and not a missionary as recently reported in various news outlets).

The video below tells his story of perseverance and commitment to live in a more just world.

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