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Human Tree Relationship - The Beautiful Life with Trees

This is the third in a series about the world of trees as seen through my eyes while in Honduras in May 2017 (Part 1, Part 2). Being outdoors working in trees and looking up at them is a meditation for the soul, even if we aren't conscious of it. There are some concious actions we can take, though, to ease any ecoanxieity we might be having, to connect us to life around us, and in so being nurtured can nurture others. To find out more about nature practices that can nurture, One Earth Conservation has a Nurture Nature Program to assist you, including a Nurture Nature Academy. Please check it out, and in the meantime...

First you can hug a tree. As you wrap your arms around the tree, feel the tree and life embrace you back. You can make a game of it, such as seen in this video.

Then listen to the tree. If you have a stethoscope, all the better. Hear the sap rising from the roots to nourish the tree, and feel nurtured yourself.

Take a walk in the trees as guided here by this video meditation.

Don't forget to look up as you go, as guided here in this next video meditation.

And if possible, climb a tree.

Thanks to the children of Mabita, Honduras for making these videos possible!

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