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La Moskitia

One Earth Conservation works with local villagers in La Moskitia on our Apu Pauni (Scarlet Macaw) Project. It has grown to be the largest wild parrot conservation area in the world protected by community patrols. In addition to protecting scarlet macaws, this project also focuses on the great green macaw and yellow-naped amazon. Together with our local partners, we have reduced scarlet macaw poaching there from 100% to under 20% by patrolling up to 500,000 acres of Indigenous territory. We are currently collaborating with our partners to establish the first Indigenous-led wildlife sanctuary in that country, specifically for the critically endangered great green macaw.

Guanaja  Island

One Earth Conservation partners with Green Island Challenge, a local NGO working on this Honduran Atlantic island. Green Island is passionately committed to protecting their native parrots and populations on the island have been increasing. They have successfully installed nest boxes, increased the  number of successful nests, and nearly ended poaching by employing local community members and coordinating with enforcement authorities. The species this project focuses on is the yellow-naped amazon.

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News About Honduras

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