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Yellow-Naped Amazon

Amazona auropalliata

Biological Information

This species is one of the world's great mimics, and therefore has suffered a tremendous loss in wild populations in recent decades over its Mexican and Central American range. They are highly adaptable and have been found to nest in mangroves, arboreal termite mounds, abandoned hornet nests, on top of palm fronds in palm trees, in the eaves of houses, as well as in traditional tree cavities.

Conservation Status

This species is listed as Critically Endangered on the IUCN Redlist.

Countries we work in

Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua

Regional Tidbit

Normally a lowland species, in Guatemala these parrots can be found in Guatemala City, which is over a mile high in altitude. They breed there and can be seen flying over the busy city landscapes. It is suspected that these are escaped or released pets. In some parts of Guatemala they are found high up on the slopes of volcanoes where they have sought refuge.

News About Amazons

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