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Nurture Nature, Yourself and Your Relationships

One Earth Conservation’s Nurture Nature Program is for anyone who desires a better world for themselves and for others. Deep within we know that something is amiss, and that a more beautiful world is possible, for everyone. By nurturing your emotional, social, multispecies, ecological, and spiritual natures, you will experience greater belonging, beauty, reverence, wholeness, joy, and vitality, and so might your families, communities, and organizations.

To inspire people to nurture themselves and others, One Earth Conservation has published a new book, "Nurturing Discussions and Practices: Nurture Nature, Yourself and Your Relationships," that is now available on Amazon. This workbook is specifically designed to serve as a companion guide to One Earth’s Nurture Nature Programs (including our Wild Walks, Nurture Nature Workshops, Nurture Nature Webinars, etc. For more info, see

The workbook includes eight guides for discussion that can be used in small groups or worked through individually. They provide guidance for community formation and personal transformation and commitment and are adaptable for a wide variety of circumstances. The overall goal of this program is to support the health of individuals, relationships, and communities of all species.

Here’s a sample of what you will find in the book (from Guide #3: Awe and Wonder). Enjoy!

“People report having three awe-inspiring experiences a week. How many do you have? Think back on this week – how many times did you drop your jaw or open your eyes in amazement? Do you wish you had more wonder in your life? Whatever you answer, there are reasons to cultivate more wonder…Wonder helps us connect with that which is good. Wonder, like other emotions, evolved as a motivator to help us move towards satisfaction or benefit, and away from discomfort or harm. It balances with other emotions. A classic example of this is how people react to live encounters with a bear in the wild, at least classic for those of us who have lived in Alaska where all life can be distilled down to bear stories or metaphors. Wonder draws us out to the woods in hopes of seeing a bear, and fear makes us keep our distance. Too much fear and we never go out, too much wonder and we are lunch.”

Sample Weekly Nurture Nature Practice regarding Awe and Wonder:

“Take a Walk Until the World Lights Up – You might want to start early in the morning or in the evening right after dinner. You could also set aside a Saturday afternoon. Whenever you start, your one rule is that you can’t stop until awe has crossed your path. In a sense, this exercise is an act of faith – faith that awe is scattered all over the place waiting for us to notice it, rather than believing that awe is this one rare thing that only shows up a precious few times in our lives.”

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