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We love walking and watching birds, while also learning to foster deeper, healthier connections to ourselves, others, wildlife, and the earth. Watching birds can lead to greater human satisfaction, happiness, and health. By being aware of birds, we can also grow our ability to focus and to rest in the current moment, as well as grow our compassion and justice centered behaviors to help care for ourselves, others, and the planet. Birds, humans, and the earth are in trouble and with strong connections to the living community around us, we can save ourselves and all life.


These walks aim to grow our ability to transform ourselves and our world by watching birds as an intentional mindfulness practice. This is enhanced by an emphasis on our relationships and connections to the humans who join us for the walk and the other species with whom we will interact.


Though led by renowned avian conservationist, Rev. Dr. LoraKim Joyner, the hope is that we build a just and compassionate community together made up of those who respond to this form of mindfulness practice.

Our walks will be open to spontaneous conversation, identifying birds, and enjoying their behavior while also following LoraKim's facilitation with questions, readings, and gentle nature practices.

Birding for Life Walks

March 31, April 13, April 28

Now that LoraKim has recently moved to Iowa, in-person walks will be facilitated by her there.

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