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Conservation in Time of War

How can we both save ourselves and the world despite overwhelming odds? One Earth Conservation seeks to answer that question with our Nurture Nature Program, and now with this memoir from One Earth's Codirector Rev. Dr. LoraKim Joyner.


This book shows how a deep understanding that everything is connected in beauty can offer healing and hope to the parrots and people of Latin America, and to a world where climate change, terrorism, political polarization, and loss of biodiversity threaten us all.

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LoraKim discussed "Conservation in Time of War" on an
episode of the My Home Planet podcast.

"Conservation in Time of War" is a truly remarkable book about a remarkable and courageous woman.  LoraKim writes of her passion for conservation and the repeated dangers into which this led her. She shares how she  overcame depression and now battles with renewed commitment to saving wildlife. It is a story of love (for parrots), determination and the indomitable human spirit. All who read it will surely be inspired to make their own contributions to help our endangered wildlife. LoraKim I salute you, and I thank you.  For I too love parrots."

Jane Goodall, PhD, DBE, 

Founder of the Jane Goodall Institute 

and UN Messenger of Peace.

Currently Sold on Amazon as Print and Kindle

Discussion and Reflection Questions

How would you describe the arc of LoraKim's transformational journey?  How does her life journey depict the lived experience of humans as a whole?  How does it compare to your own life journey?

When in your life have you had transformational experiences?  How did you feel during these times of transition?  What kind of person would you be if you had not had these experiences?

What actions of yours in the past do you regret?  How did they impact you and others, and how do they impact you now? How do you deal with regret and making mistakes?

When have you suffered a loss of someone or something?  What was your healing and recovery like? How were you supported during these times, or challenged?

What are some of your greatest concerns for your well being or that of others, including earth's?  How do these concerns impact your daily life, as well as where you find meaning and purpose in life?

What are some of the most beautiful things you have experienced?

How do you make sense that life is interwoven with both beauty and tragedy? How do you hold both beauty and tragedy? 

Where in your life do you take risks? Do you wish you took more or less risks?

How do you feel about wildlife being trapped or harmed for human use (such as with animals in homes, zoos, hunting, sports, food, etc)? How should humans in general interact with wildlife?

How would you describe your relationships with other species?  With which species do you find the greatest affinity?  Greatest discomfort?  Does how you experience other species impact your behavior towards them?

What kinds of things do you do to nurture yourself?  Nurture others?

What are some things you can do today to nurture yourself and others? 

What other questions, concerns, or thoughts does this memoir bring up for you that you'd like to ponder or ask of others?

An Episode of One Earth Conservation's show Nurture Nature featured "Conservation in Time of War"

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