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December 13-17, 2024


Ometepe Island, Nicaragua


There is an Island of Hope in Nicaragua, and it is called Ometepe. For over 10 years One Earth Conservation has been working with the local conservationists and they have built an amazing parrot conservation project with one of the densest populations of parrots in the Americas. Unfortunately, such abundance is rare because parrots are highly endangered in the world, and also threatened even in this paradise, mostly due to the pet trade and illegal trafficking, but also by habitat loss. By joining us on this walking tour on the road going around Maderas Volcano, you contribute to your own well-being, support parrot conservation on Ometepe Island, grow awareness in the world about the beautiful people and parrots of this region and their often-dire status, and help support conservationists whose families have been severely impacted by economic pressures caused by the pandemic and civil disturbances.

We will walk around the island for a total of 23 miles.  The walking is mostly along a small country road, some of which is paved, with gentle hills and with some places being a bit rocky and muddy. We begin on Friday afternoon with counting parrots and then dinner and a cultural celebration at Playa Santa Domingo, where we will be staying. The next day we begin walking early by heading counter clockwise around the island. Our first stop is Merida and then we will move to San Ramon, La Palma, Balgue, and then back to where we started. Each day we will walk, rest, share lunch, provide educational activities for the local children, and have optional tours that include kayaking, bird watching, hiking, swimming, and seeing local sites. At each stop we will be seeing parrots with breathtaking views of Lake Cocibolca (Nicaragua).


Rev. Dr. LoraKim Joyner will facilitate reflection and discussion times, as we learn about parrot conservation and the lives of the people in the Americas, with an emphasis on spiritual health, connecting to nature, and joyful action and advocacy in the world. We imagine this as a time for healing, as we move through shared mourning, and a lot of celebration!  Fauna and Flora International Ometepe and BIOMETEPE are hosting the event, with support from One Earth Conservation.

Every individual will pay for their own travel to the island, hotel expenses, and meals, and then pay $200 to cover the cost of the van that will accompany us around the island and return us each day to our hotels. You can come for only for a day or two but we hope you will stay with us the whole time.


Contact us at info@oneearthconservation and we can provide more information, logistics, and lodging arrangements.


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We hope you will join us, for yourself, for life!


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