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Beauty is More Than Feather Deep

Updated: Feb 11, 2023

LoraKim is now in Honduras and Guatemala for the month of October and then off to Guyana for much of November. While she is gone, we will be focusing on her thoughts (and mine) on why parrots are so much more than beautiful (even as we admire their physical beauty!).

This fall One Earth Conservation is focusing on why parrots are so much more than beautiful. This focus was in part inspired by a list that LoraKim Joyner was asked to make (for an interview) of which parrot species she thinks are the most beautiful. While she is doing a lot of traveling in October and November, let's take a look at which species she chose and why. The first on the list is the yellow-naped amazon and here are her thoughts:

“It’s often the case for me that the more I get to know an individual (human or otherwise) I discover more and more ways that they are unique and beautiful. Given how much time I have spent with this species, I have witnessed the many ways that these birds in the wild have displayed remarkable behavior and color variations and vibrancy. I have studied them from eggs until old age. I even changed my name to LoraKim (the Lora means amazon parrot in Spanish and Kim is my given name) in honor of them. When I hear their calls and see them flying, it’s as if my heart soars, and I am reminded of how beauty is all around, actually.”

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