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Do you wish you could connect more deeply to your own inner beauty and wisdom?  Would you like to see more easily the beauty and possibility in other humans, either on a global scale as we experience biodiversity loss, climate change, and human suffering, or with your closest or work relationships? If you dream of a world where all beings are treated as having inherent worth and dignity and enjoy connecting with nature and earth's species, then please join us on one or more of our annual Wild Walks.

Our Wild Walks are times when we move through the beautiful landscapes of our regions and neighborhoods. With physical movement synchronized to the life around us, we grow our mindfulness and connection to nature. We offer both in-person and virtual wild walks. In-person wild Walks are facilitated by Rev. Dr. LoraKim Joyner, Co-director of One Earth Conservation. LoraKim has recently relocated to Iowa and hopes to soon begin facilitating in-person walks there. Check back for more information and also see our Birding for Life page.

Virtual Wild Walks are set up so that you can connect to your wild beauty at times that are convenient to you, and adhere to your social distancing needs. You may go on these guided walks by yourself or ask friends to accompany you. During each walk you are guided to the next stops with maps and pictures, and at each stop you hear a location triggered audio that guides you in reflection and meditation.

We offer two virtual Wild Walks.

You can access these walks on your home computer, or smart phone. To use on your phone download the app and search using the names of the walks above, or by region (New York City and Westchester, NY).


These wild walks are free, though we ask for a donation, which goes to support our programs, as well as the parrots of the Americas.

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