Loving Animal Nature

through Wild Walks

Tickets for all walks are $10 and can only be purchased online via Pay Pal. If you would prefer to send a check, please contact us at info@oneearthconservation.org.

Do you wish you could connect more deeply to your own inner beauty and wisdom?  Would you like to see more easily the beauty and possibility in other humans, either on a global scale as we experience biodiversity loss, climate change, and human suffering, or with your closest or work relationships? If you dream of a world where all beings are treated as having inherent worth and dignity and enjoy connecting with nature and earth's species, then please join us on one or more of our annual Wild Walks.

Our Wild Walks are times when we move through the beautiful landscapes of our regions and neighborhoods. With physical movement synchronized to the life around us, we grow our mindfulness and connection to nature. During each walk, which are gentle in nature, we have times for conversation, reflection, silence, learning, and sharing of what we all know and experience in nature.  Wild Walks are facilitated by Rev. Dr. LoraKim Joyner and Gail Koelln, Co-directors of One Earth Conservation.

For our first Wild Walk we return to the New York Botanical Gardens where we will connect to the intricate and amazingly spectacular lives of the plants and animals of the garden.  Reflecting on the complex community life of trees both above and underground, we grow closer to seeing them (and ourselves) as beings worthy of our admiration and care. Just as trees communicate to each other, we will talk together about the lives of trees, plants, other animals, and ourselves, so that we can return to our lives, walking more steadfastly towards a flourishing life.

Our second Wild Walk we also return to one of our favorite places, Green-Wood Cemetery. We don’t have a date set yet, but it will coincide with the time of Halloween, when culturally the barrier between life and death thins as we head into winter and a falling back into darkness from the light of spring and summer. The walk considers death, as it is a cemetery where people come to mourn that which is lost, reminding us all of that which we have lost and are losing. Burial places can also be locations of celebration, for the lives we have known and remember.  Especially lively in Green-wood is the flock of bright green Monk Parakeets that call this place home. Their chattering and vibrant colors call us to joy and awe. By considering death and life together, and beauty and tragedy, we come closer to loving all that is, a vital step towards having the resilience and joy needed to advocate and care for life on this planet.

We ask that you register in advance for the walk, so that we know how to orient the walk and talk and can be in touch in case of inclement weather. The fee to register is $10 per walk. All proceeds support One Earth Conservation and its work to improve the lives of people and parrots in the Americas. 


During each walk we pause for reflections, discussion, and of course, to enjoy the local wildlife and plants. We will identify birds as we go, so wear comfortable shoes and clothes, and bring binoculars if you have them!

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