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Guyana yellow-crowned parrot #1.jpg

Yellow-crowned Amazon

Amazona ochrocephala

Biological Information

The species called Amazona ochrocephala has been described as "a taxonomic headache" because it not only consists of several subspecies, but at one time A. auropalliata (yellow-naped amazons) and A. oratrix (yellow-headed amazons), were considered to be the same species as this one. They all are green parrots with varying amounts of yellow on their crown, head, and neck areas of their bodies.

Conservation Status

This species is listed as Least Concern on the IUCN Redlist.

Countries we work in

Guyana and Suriname

Regional Tidbit

This species was traded within the Tiwanaku empire from 1100 AD -1450 AD, prior to the rise of the Incas in South America. Their range is naturally east of the Andes but their remains have also been found at archeological sites west of the Andes. This means they were transported over the towering mountain chain and were likely highly prized by the people who lived at that time.

News About Amazons

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