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Nurture Nature: Post Election

Nurture Nature Tip of the Week

The basis for most of our Nurture Nature Program is empathy. What are you, the other, the enemy, and other species feeling and needing? How does life bind us together in one beautiful whole, and how out of that understanding can we have creative stories that allow our political processes more greatly to link to kindness and compassion? So in this time of political turmoil, either in the USA after the recent elections, or almost in any and every part of the world, slow down, breathe, and ask what everyone is feeling and needing. Life knows no division between the good and bad, or the evil and the sacred.

Saturday Night Live - singing Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen who died this week

Life is a broken hallelujah - there is joy and there is pain, and all of it, is a prayer to being.

Angel of Grief at Stanford  University

(Angel of Grief at Standford University - photo by Daniel Hartwig)

After grieving, praying, and breathing deep, take heart for healing and hope, and then act! Become part of a community of resistance, solidarity, and hope. Join us here or join others elsewhere, but do not isolate yourself thinking you are different, better, or worse. We are in the fiery embrace of reality, let us embrace life back, and give life.

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