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The Beautiful Life of Trees: Part II

Last week I showed some of the secret beauty of trees by revealing what we saw in tree cavities during the parrot nesting season in La Moskitia, Honduras.

This week I continue with the theme, and show the beautiful surprises that can be found on the outside of trees.

A succulent plant on a dead limb in a Caribbean pine - looks like an alien monster or strange snake to me!

This is the first year we have seen so many trees impacted by yellow-bellied sapsucker drill holes. They drill to reach the sap which they consume. Too many holes can harm a tree.

I was flat on my stomach for hours in a small blind trying to catch this adult scarlet macaw coming out of her nest after feeding her chicks.

When investigating nests we are often surprised by the life around the trunk of the tree.

Two liberated macaws interacting in the pines.

Here are some green-winged teal remains at the base of a scarlet macaw nest. We believe that peregrine falcons might be hunting these birds in the nearby river and bringing them to this tree to consume.

While observing a scarlet macaw nest, this king vulture flew into the nest tree to visit for a few minutes.

This young tree won't last long with such a load of caterpillars.

Always the wonder of the trees can throw us curves, showing us marvels we least suspect.

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