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One Earth Conservation partners with people in the village of Karasabai and other surrounding villages to learn more about, and protect, the elusive and endangered sun parakeet (also known as the sun conure). This part of the world is the only place where this species can still be seen in the wild, other than close by in Roraima Brazil which is closed to visitors (although they are common pets in captivity). The people involved in the project are known as Parakeet (Keseé) Rangers and they are charged with monitoring and protecting the species.



 This project focuses on protecting blue-and-yellow, scarlet, and red-and-green macaws. Ecoguides have led the project in the past and currently the women of the village are leading parrot monitoring in Rewa Village. They conduct monthly point counts of parrot populations, and have developed a new methodology for counting parrots on the river. This builds upon the village’s previous and primary conservation strategies: ending trapping of parrots for over 25 years, emphasizing ecotourism for livelihood support, and teaching children about conservation.

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