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Conservation Hero of the Day??

Parrot Rescue and Liberation Center in Honduras

So, there I was, spending this past Monday afternoon at Rite Aid, which is not where I expected to be when the day started. By that evening, LoraKim, speaking to me on the telephone via WhatsApp (from Guyana), hailed me as the conservation hero of the day, making me laugh out loud!!

Sometimes it’s the little things in life that make a big difference.

I began my workday with a voicemail message from LoraKim stating that she was trying to send needed funds to our project in Honduras via Western Union’s website and it just wasn’t working (which it usually does without a hitch). She then asked for my help. After intermittent calls back and forth to her due to spotty internet access in Guyana, we came up with a plan. That’s how I ended up at Rite Aid, which is a local Western Union site (and which I never knew!).

Having never sent anything using Western Union before, I learned on the spot the tedious, but important, particulars of how to get that done. It took much time and patience, and I won’t bore you with the details, but at the end of the day the funds were delivered. They were collected by the local Project Director in a small village in Honduras, so the conservationists there could finish building a much-needed Liberation Cage for the scarlet macaws and yellow naped amazon parrots in their care, and pay the local conservationists and parrot caregivers for their important work.

That’s how I earned the unofficial title of Conservation Hero of the Day. You just never know how you can make a difference!

Gail in Nicaragua, December 2017.

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