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Gratitude Nurtures Us and All Life

Thanksgiving Message and Nurture Nature Tip

One of the best practices for improving our happiness and resilience is gratitude. It is best to practice gratitude on a daily and year-round basis, though we are particularly mindful of it during our national day of Thanksgiving, which occurs this week in the United States. Wherever you are, in the world or your life, even if the days seem dark and the future bleak or unknown, take a moment to write down three things for which you are grateful. If you do this for several days in a row, you will notice a shift happening. Because gratitude is such a key asset in nurturing ourselves and nature, we here at One Earth Conservation say thank you as much as possible. We do it for ourselves, for you, and for life. So here is our list of three things today: 1. We are grateful for our donors who have already contributed this year to the Parrot Rescue and Liberation Center in Honduras, as well as to our other projects. Thank you so much! This center is shifting the ability of Hondurans throughout the country to care for their birds and decrease the illegal wildlife trade. It means a great deal to us to reduce the loss and the suffering of birds, and empower the indigenous people there to protect and preserve their lands and biodiversity. A deep bow of gratitude to our donors! 2. We are grateful for our volunteers, which is everyone involved with One Earth Conservation within the USA. We hire biologists and field technicians throughout Latin America, but here in this country we are investing our time and resources to build a better world. It's true that we began to pay Co-Director Gail Koelln a small stipend, but this only partially covers all her past, present, and future gracious gifts of her time. Thank you Gail and our volunteers! 3. We of One Earth Conservation are grateful to have meaning and purpose in our lives to help others nurture nature, and we are quite delighted that we spread meaning and purpose into the lives of donors, volunteers and others. It is a deep gift to be building community and hope with you. Thank you life for bringing us this community of hope, resistance, and solidarity. If you'd like to be part of this audacious effort in gratitude, please join us by: 1. Donating to the Honduran Parrot Rescue and Liberation Center. We are participating in Giving Tuesday on November 29, so please keep us in mind after the busy days of Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday! You can donate by clicking here. 2. Sharing the donation opportunity with others by sending them this link: 3. Taking up a gratitude practice, and letting us and other people know you have done this, so we can share the power and the promise. Just send us an email.

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