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Addressing the Climate Crisis Through a Journey of Self-Discovery

Photo: The author, a committed climate activist, marching for the climate at

the Women’s March in DC this past January.

It just seems like it is becoming more and more difficult being a climate/environmental or any other kind of activist these days. I dread looking at the headlines to see what new drastic action is being taken to undo decades of environmental protection regulations and progress that has been made in the United States. Even so, I remain committed to doing all I can to leave a live-able world for my daughter and her generation, as well as for other generations to come. I am sure most, if not all, of you reading this blog feel the same way.

So, how do we stay the course when the ground beneath our feet keeps shifting on a daily basis? Just as getting a good night of sleep is essential to one’s being able to function when awake, committed activists (or even concerned citizens who don’t have the time to do more than sign a few petitions) must take care of themselves so they can function when standing up for our environment.

There are many ways to nurture oneself, such as meditating, exercising, engaging in creative activities or psychotherapy, or praying. And, of course, none of these excludes any of the others. Another important part of one’s “self-nurturance toolkit” can include understanding and being in nature. In fact, research has demonstrated repeatedly that being in nature is good for us all. Among other things, it improves cognition and mood, reduces stress, promotes healing and contributes to overall happiness.

One Earth Conservation’s Nurture Nature Program is all about this. As never before, humans feel disconnected from nature and the beings that co-inhabit the earth with us. The Nurture Nature Program is a lifelong discovery of nature with practices that provides resources and resilience for nurturing oneself and Earth and Earth’s beings. Learn how to build community and foster relationships through slowing down, sharing experiences, and co-­designing activities that nourish each other and all of nature. Learn, practice, and discuss foundations drawn from science, psychology, communication theory, and mindfulness practices that clear the way to nurture oneself, others, and the earth.

If you are in the metropolitan New York area, I will be giving a free presentation this coming Sunday, April 2, 2017 on “Addressing the Climate Crisis Through a Journey of Self-Discovery” as part of a Climate Justice Festival at the Universalist Congregation at Shelter Rock. The Festival begins at noon and the presentation is from 1:15pm to 2pm. The address of Unitarian Universalist Congregation at Shelter Rock is 48 Shelter Rock Road, Manhasset, NY 11030. All are welcome!

You can also learn more about our programs by clicking here and visit our new Nurture Nature Academy by clicking here.

There is much to learn about how to gain a sense of belonging and inspiration through experiencing connection and beauty in nature. As one’s wonder and awe increase, so does one’s ability to do what must be done to ensure these experiences will continue to inspire generations to come.

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