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Katherine Kim: Nature is Calming and Strengthening

The past couple of weeks, we began an exploration of how some of us nurture ourselves through nature. This week I’m excited to introduce you to one of One Earth Conservation’s Youth Advisory Team Members, Katherine Kim.

Katherine graduated in 2016 from Bronx High School of Science in New York City. She is enrolled in the Army Reserves, so she has been and will be working and living at home until she attends the State University of New York at Binghamton as a freshman in the fall of 2019. Katherine is interested in biology, wildlife conservation, and medicine, and has done some volunteer work for One Earth Conservation.

I asked her to share with us the answers to the same questions we’ve been exploring the past two weeks, which are:

1. Do you have a practice of nurturing yourself?

2. How are you nurtured by nature?

3. What do you do to nurture nature?

Do you have a practice of nurturing herself? I am very conscience to nurture my physical and mental wellness. I believe that taking care of one often benefits the other. I try to workout on a daily basis (running and muscle training), which helps me have a more energized and positive start to my day. When I am feeling low or mentally strained, I often direct my negative energy towards exercise. If physical activity is not an option, I try to surround myself with those close to me.

How are you nurtured by nature? Nature has a very calming, yet strengthening, effect on me. Most notably, the scenic trail I run on and the fresh air allow me to focus on myself and release any worrisome thoughts. This helps me clear my mind and keeps me grounded when I am overwhelmed by stress. My family and friends who are dear to me also nurture me. I am able to rely on them when I am feeling self-doubt or in need of emotional support. They also help me become a more attentive and empathetic friend or family member in return.

What do you do to nurture nature? An instance I can think of when I nurture nature is maintaining a small garden in my balcony. I grow some tomatoes, peppers, and herbs when the weather warms up. Not only does my family enjoy fresh produce because I do this, but seeing the plants flourish on my barren concrete balcony brings me great joy. I also believe that I nurture nature through my job as a teacher. Although my main role is to help the students with homework and the subjects they are struggling in, I try to spread positivity and kindness to them as well. I make an effort to teach them the importance of treating others with equal respect and understanding.

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