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Parakeets and Paracletes

Santiago Lacuth combining his passion for others as minister, musician, conservationist, and excellent tree climber (so as to monitor parrot nests)

Often when in the field, my work as a minister remains at the stealth level, infusing the work with care for earth and earth's beings and how we are to have a life of meaning in our work. Recently while in La Moskitia, Honduras, I was honored to give a sermon at the church in Mabita, enjoying the integration of how conservation is a ministry.

I gave a sermon called "Parakeets and Paracletes" in Spanish, which was then translated to Miskito, while lifting up the original meaning of the Greek word, "paraclete" which means comforter, advocate, spirit of truth. I have an English version here for you to watch:

The hope of the sermon was to talk about the beauty of parrots and how we can help them by witnessing to and telling the story of their lives and conservation status. We can do the same for other humans as well. By not being quiet, we help to liberate all of us. This is the goal of One Earth Conservation - to be chattering like a parakeet and build up our flock to call out injustice so that there may be more flourishing for all.

After the sermon we sang and played music, which you can join along with by watching this video.

You can also join our flock in other ways - volunteer, donate, and spread the word of the beauty and tragedy of parrots and people in peril as documented in this blog.

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