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Parrot Conservationist Works for Peace and Helps Heal the Past

In 2017, LoraKim wrote a memoir about her life and work in Latin America, which was published by One Earth Conservation. The book, Conservation in Time of War, is a compelling autobiography that focuses on how, over more than 30 years, the beauty and power of the people and parrots there draw her to be in solidarity with them and to witness and share their struggle. Sustained by a deep understanding that everything is connected in beauty, she offers healing and hope to the parrots and people of Latin America, and to a world where climate change, terrorism, political polarization, and loss of biodiversity threaten us all.

On April 7, 2018, LoraKim will be leading a live discussion about Conservation in Time of War in Manhasset, NY. If you live in the NY metropolitan area, you are very welcome to come to hear her speak, first hand, of her willingness to protect this beautiful earth against daunting odds. You will learn how failure has given way to success and how parrot conservation is flourishing, despite war and violence. You’ll also learn how you, too, can participate in this work to save the planet’s most threatened bird species.

The book discussion will be followed by a travelogue of a recent trip undertaken by LoraKim and Gail to Nicaragua’s Ometepe Island to conduct parrot conservation activities there helping threatened yellow-naped amazon parrots. For more information, see the event listing on One Earth Conservation's Nurture Nature page by clicking here.

Juvenile yellow-naped amazon

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