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Just Another Parrot Conservation Day in Honduras

Here are some photos from a “day in the life” of LoraKim Joyner and her colleagues who together are rescuing threatened and endangered parrots in Honduras as I type this. There’s time for this important work, time for chores and even some time for fun.

Below: plans for the day include report poachers to the police, set up camera traps near nests, band chicks, hire poachers as conservationists and then love them into submission.

Below: LoraKim dancing across a makeshift bridge. The nest on the other side was active with a gorgeous female sitting on her eggs so they didn't climb it. Right now there are nests with chicks ranging in age from eggs to 8 weeks of age.

Below: kids at One Earth Conservation's annual football field parrot count. More came later and then refreshments were served that included milk, rice and sugar.

Below: on the way back from climbing nest trees, some of the guys pick up resin-rich, downed wood for their kitchen fires.

Below: traditional dance in everyone's conservation patrol uniforms.

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