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Triple Alliance of Compassion, Awareness, and Hard Work: Saving the Parrots of Paraguay

Cerro Memby on way to Cerro Cora
I journey with three other companions from Asuncion in Paraguay to the National Parks in the Departments of Concepcion and Amambay: Nora Neris and Anabal Bogado of the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development (SEAM) and Dr. Andres Alvarez of the National University Veterinary School. Our goal is to survey the parrot population, which we have been doing since 2015 in this area, This time we will be especially concentrating on the National Parks.

View from morning parrot count September 6, 2018

View from morning parrot count September 6, 2018

Our first stop is Cerro Cora National Park. It is named for the surrounding hills that grace the landscape as we entered this region, though it is most widely known as where the last battle of the Triple Alliance War (1864-1870) occurred. Here the President of Paraguay, Francisco Solano López, died in battle, saying "I die along with my country." Paraguay did not end, but the war devastated the country.

Memorial where the President died near the river (above) and his likeness below in the park's museum.