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A Recipe for Success

A scarlet macaw parent leaving nest where she just fed her chicks. Because of our presence, her chicks will fly free!

What happens when you mix not having a truck for conservation, criminal elements hiding out in your conservation area, being short on funds due to truck repairs, and scarlet macaws nesting 1.5 months later than usual?

The amazing answer is success! This time last year we had only 17 nests registered, active, and patrolled. This year we have 33! This is nearly double! And it's being done through walking and bicycling, and using the motorbikes of the villagers. Imagine what we could do with proper funding and transportation!

We are imagining, dreaming, and working hard, with still 3 months to go in the nesting season. Please join our teams, and check in for news , stories, and photos here as the nesting season extends.

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