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Dreaming Big

With the overwhelming reports recently of the wild bird trade throughout the world decimating local populations and pushing nearly 50% of all parrot species towards extinction, I dream...

...That for every homed bird in the world, which number, 249,651,000, the owners contribute $1.00 for conservation. That comes to nearly $250 million, which would provide protection for every parrot species in the Americas. These projects would also support jobs for conservationists, economic incentives, community development, reforestation, student training programs, rescue and liberation centers, anti-poaching enforcement, and community awareness and education.

...That the people of the USA didn't spend $8 billion a year on pet birds, and instead used that money for conservation. With that we could ease hunger and provide medical care and economic support for the human communities that live where parrots exist. We could also fund every bird conservation project in the world.

...That every time someone had the desire to have a bird in their home, they didn't get one in a cage but helped keep one free flying in their native range (by bird watching, becoming a conservationist, etc).

...That eventually there would be no more birds in cages, and that they would fly free over prospering human communities.

It would take a lot to make this happen, but it would only take a little from each person. Only $1 per bird in the USA would raise $8 million, and boy howdy, would this make a huge different to so many people and parrots in the Americas.

We could end the nightmare of the wildlife trade by dreaming, and then acting, together.

As the parrot above says, no more excuses. Let's not stop until all are free.

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