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How to Build a Parrot Conservationist

The foundation of the work of One Earth Conservation is that anyone and everyone can be a wildlife conservationist, with our focus being on parrots. Our projects in Latin America are demonstrating again and again that, with the proper training and motivation, every day people can do amazing things!

LoraKim Joyner has created a blueprint to “build” a parrot conservationist that works, one that One Earth has been replicating in many places in Central and South America. It basically goes like this:

Step 1: Find regions with remaining populations of endangered parrots and marginalized people who are interested in helping the birds

Step 2: Gather building “materials,” including

· The endangered parrots themselves

· Local people who want to help

· Workshops with curriculum and teachers

· Inspiration

· Binoculars

· Cell phones with cameras

· Paper, pencils and clipboards

· Sturdy shoes, water and hats

Step 3: Follow blueprint instructions:

1. Talk to local people about their parrots and why they are important to save

2. Teach them how to count the parrots

3. Teach them about the parrots’ biology, including nesting behavior

4. Teach them about the five human intelligences: emotional, social, multispecies, ecological and spiritual (non-sectarian)

5. Collaborate with the people to create a plan to save the birds

6. Support their ongoing efforts with needed resources

7. Bring in partners when appropriate, such as government agencies, universities, other nonprofits, and neighboring villages.

And watch the people and the birds soar!

One Earth Conservation is now bringing this process to people here in the United States who want to assist those in Latin America with this work. Our new Parrot Conservation Corps (PCC) program will use much the same blueprint to allow those of us here to help from afar however we are able. You can learn more at about the PCC by clicking here.

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