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Parrots as a Gateway to Transformation

Parrots are spectacular creatures who have much to say to us if we would just listen. They aren’t just mimicking human speech, but are beautiful beings from whom we could learn much. By asking “What does the parrot say?” we can escape internal and external prisons constructed by societies based on domination and oppression. Parrots are a gateway species who can guide us to transforming the way humans perceive and treat nature, including our own species.

During a recent webinar we listened to what parrots tell us and how we can take steps to heal ourselves and our earth by paying deep attention to life around us. Other species can help us do this, and in this presentation we used parrots as an example. Here are the steps outlines in the recorded webinar above. Perhaps the final step is the most important, for as we act for others, we are transformed.

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