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Perfection in Parrot Conservation

Guanaja Island, Honduras: October 2018

Atop Guanaja Island counting the endangered yellow-naped parrot (below)

Okay, first off, there is no such thing as "perfection" in conservation. It's an art that depends on so many factors, and the success of which depends on the relationships of the people and their commitment to each other, their sense of place, and the birds. Every project develops differently and at its own pace.

Conservation success goes like a ship, you never know where the winds will take you, but with many taking charge and leading the way, you can make progress.

Thanks to this team as shown in many photos below!

Now having said that, my recent work in October 2018 with the people of Guanaja was an affirmation of how quickly conservation can happen when dedicated actors and resources come together to save an endangered parrot, such as the yellow-naped parrot on this island (the only parrot species on the island). The confluence of so many, doing much so, so quickly, was nothing short of a miracle.

Merdado above (and above the island counting) and Derrick below, one of our captains